Salice Shelf Push - 3D Clip

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Salice Shelf Push - 3D Clip

  • $66.16
  • or 3 installments of $22.05 with atome

The Shelf runner for pull-out shelves with fixing on the bottom can be used in various contexts as kitchens, display stands for shop, living room and office furniture. This runner enables shelves to slide forward for easy access.

It is available with full extension and with Push opening for handle-less furniture.

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  • Full extension runner fixed to the shelf by clip
  • Push: the opening system for handles-less shelves is fully integrated in the runner. A slight pressure of the frontal is sufficient for the shelf to self-open
  • Push opening system
  • Safety system that prevents the shelves from turning over
  • The shelf is held in the closed position
  • Dynamic load capacity: 30kg
  • Drawer height adjustment: +2.5mm, Side adjustment: ±1.5mm, Depth adjustment: ±2mm
  • Finishing: bright zinc plated

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