Salice Unica - Standard Clip

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Salice Unica - Standard Clip

  • $103.66
  • or 3 installments of $34.55 with atome

Unica eqipped with the integrated Push system for handle-less furniture and with the integrated decelerating Smove system. The fully integrated operating system is completely mechanical and therefore does not require a power source.

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  • Full extension runner system fixed to the drawer by clip
  • The Push self opening system for handle-less drawers is fully integrated into the runner. A slight pressure on the drawer frontal is sufficient for the drawer to self-open
  • The Smove decelerated closing action is also fully integrated into the runner
  • Safety system that secures the drawer to the runner
  • The drawer is maintained parallel with the cabinet side during opening
  • Dynamic load capacity: 30kg
  • Drawer height adjustment: +2.5mm

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