Lehmann Dial Lock 58, Freecode

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Lehmann Dial Lock 58, Freecode

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The freecode dial lock is ideal for one-time use of storage, for example guest lockers or for lockers in public areas.

The function is similar to a hotel safe. A user occupies the locker and enters a personal code of his choice to lock the storage. To retrieve his belongings, the user enters the programmed code, which allows the lock to be opened while simultaneously deleting the code. The storage unit is once again ready for the next user.

The scramble feature provides highest security in combination with user convenience: whenever the dial lock is operated, the dials are scramble to “0 0 0 0” automatically – this disguises the programmed code without any additional action by the user.

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  • Four dials for high security
  • Scramble function
  • Emergency opening feature
  • Suitable for various panel thicknesses from 0.8mm to 21mm(steel, glass, wood)
  • High flexibility as your individual code can be freely programmed
  • Simplified logistics due to neutral delivery
  • No administrative burden of key management

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