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Italian Luminaire experts, DOMUS LINE joins Spaceweiss Solutions

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Italian Luminaire experts, DOMUS LINE joins Spaceweiss Solutions
Aug 24, 2021

1 June, 2016 - Experts in luminaires for kitchen, living rooms and bedrooms, DOMUS Line, has partnered with Spaceweiss Solutions as part of their distribution network in Asia. The Italian company specialising in LED Lighting is known for its pragmatic approach, creativity and technological expertise in the furniture lighting sector. Incorporating innovation, design and sustainability in their products, Spaceweiss Solutions has been working closely with DOMUS Line to expand our extensive selection of European Furniture Fittings.

The Spaceweiss team recently invited Area Manager of DOMUS Line, Tommaso Rigoli, to our office to do an in-depth presentation, as well as demostration on the capabilities of the products. The training session organized by Soluzioni Pte Ltd, showed the advance technology DOMUS Line lightings offer.

The new "superflat" collection of lighting, Polar, has a thickness of only 4mm, is designed for a fast surface installation in contact with the wall. It can be connected to various electronic sensor switches, allowing for wireless dimmer switch and automatic switching off after 18 hours of continuous operation.

Domus Line products may be viewed in the Spaceweiss Solutions Showroom from July 2016 onwards.

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