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Taiwan Leading Ball Bearing Drawer Slide Joins Spaceweiss solutions (M)

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Taiwan Leading Ball Bearing Drawer Slide Joins Spaceweiss solutions (M)
Aug 24, 2021

Singapore, 14 July 2016 – For over 30 years, Repon has been designing, manufacturing, packaging and shipping ball bearing products in Asia. Now they will be made available to customers in Malaysia and Singapore through Spaceweiss Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd and Seawalk Hardware Trading Pte Ltd. 

With their “Dry-Damper” technology, drawer slides are equipped to with an extremely smooth and silent movement. The technology provides 4-way adjustments, including the revolutionary press-release disconnect device, allowing for a quick and effortless drawer removal. 

Supplying premium quality slides to distributors around the world, Repon has won over 100 patents. Spaceweiss Solutions previously invited Product Manager Paul Chen and Sales Dept. Nick Kao, to do a product training with us.

Featuring their Interlock (anti tilt) drawer slide, an integrated cabinet locking system designed to integrate 3 main accessories, lock, drawer suspension and interlock. A safety feature used in Navy ships, and a compulsory feature in Japan, since the 2011 Tsunami.

Repon products are available for viewing at Spaceweiss Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd’s Archidex 2016 exhibition, Hall 1, Booth no: 1K165, in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 20 to 23 July. Customers may preregister their attendance at https://archidex.com.my/index.php/pre-register.



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