Why Choose Spaceweiss

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Why Choose Spaceweiss

Why Choose Spaceweiss

We Listen
Talk to us. Share with us your designs. And together let us explore options on how we can make your ideas rock.


We have everything you need
We help you find the perfect furniture fittings for your designs.


We stock up

Spaceweiss owns a warehouse that carries more than 5 million worth of stocks. So when you work with us, we will have ready stocks waiting for your, anytime.


We know what matters to you
To make sure that you get good value for your products, we comb the world over for quality products. To date, most of our product brands come from Europe.


We know what we are talking about
We know our products inside out, so we know what works for you.


We offer solutions
We are not just sell products - we provide the full solution.


We are local
We have been here all our lives. So if you need a local perspective, come to us!

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